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Welcome to Our Site: Tondalaya C Photography

artfully made photography using a Photojournalistic approach to document your event.

A Fine Art Alternative to traditional wedding photography.
The look is classic, the feel is vintage.




Bridal (or Groom!)
Photo Session

These sessions are so much fun! It's a great chance to do a wardrobe, hair, and makeup check before the big day! Usually done a month to 2 weeks prior to the wedding. It's a great way to celebrate and make amazing pictures in a beautiful setting before the big day and in a more relaxed way. Bridal (or Groom!) Sessions are included in two of my packages, and sold separately.

These photographs were taken at Red Rocks Park on a gorgeous sunny  and windy day this April.

I see every event as a chance to tell a story, so I am constantly looking for those special moments that just happen naturally. Photos are candid, and capture  emotions authentically.

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